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    Change the read-write status of the SIC variables corresponding  to  the
    section of the header of the R observation. The section names are:
      NH3 (or HFS)

    The corresponding variables are read-only by default, but can be changed
    to read-write with the keyword WRITE. They can always be found under the
    R% structure.

    Some  stand-alone  aliases are defined by default (e.g. LINE is an alias
    of R%HEAD%SPE%LINE). These aliases can be deleted with the keyword OFF.

    The SIC variables have the name of the corresponding FORTRAN  variables.
    They are defined below:

                  SECTIONS Information about present sections
    LOGICAL       R%HEAD%PRESEC[:]  [   ] List of present sections
    Section codes can be found in CLASSCODES%SEC%.

                  GENERAL General parameters, always present:
    INTEGER*8     R%HEAD%GEN%NUM    [     ] Observation number
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GEN%VER    [     ] Version number
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%GEN%TELES  [     ] Telescope name
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%GEN%CDOBS  [  day] Date of observation
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%GEN%CDRED  [  day] Date of reduction
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GEN%KIND   [ code] Type of data
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GEN%QUAL   [ code] Quality of data
    INTEGER*8     R%HEAD%GEN%SCAN   [     ] Scan number
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%GEN%UT     [  rad] UT of observation
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%GEN%ST     [  rad] LST of observation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%AZ     [  rad] Azimuth
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%EL     [  rad] Elevation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%TAU    [neper] Opacity
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%TSYS   [    K] System temperature
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GEN%TIME   [    s] Integration time
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GEN%XUNIT  [ code] X unit, if X coordinate section is p
    Codes  for  KIND,  QUAL and XUNIT can be found in SIC%CODE%KIND%, CLASS-
    CODES%QUAL% and SIC%CODE%XUNIT% respectively.

                         POSITION Position information:
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%POS%SOURC    [    ] Source name
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%POS%SYSTEM   [code] Coordinate system
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POS%EQUINOX  [year] Equinox of coordinates
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%POS%PROJ     [code] Projection system
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%POS%LAM      [ rad] Lambda of projection center
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%POS%BET      [ rad] Beta of projection center
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%POS%PROJANG  [ rad] Projection angle
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POS%LAMOF    [ rad] Offset in Lambda
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POS%BETOF    [ rad] Offset in Beta
    Codes  for  SYSTEM  and  PROJ  can  be  found  in  SIC%CODE%COORD%   and
    SIC%CODE%PROJ% respectively.

                SPECTRO Spectroscopic information (for spectra)
    CHARACTER*12  R%HEAD%SPE%LINE     [    ] Line name
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SPE%NCHAN    [    ] Number of channels
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%RESTF    [ MHz] Rest frequency
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%IMAGE    [ MHz] Image frequency
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%DOPPLER  [    ] Doppler correction -V/c (CLASS conv
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%RCHAN    [    ] Reference channel
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%FRES     [ MHz] Frequency resolution
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%VRES     [km/s] Velocity resolution
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SPE%VOFF     [km/s] Velocity at reference channel
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SPE%BAD      [    ] Blanking value
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SPE%VTYPE    [code] Type of velocity
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SPE%VCONV    [code] Velocity convention
    Codes   for   VTYPE  and  VCONV  can  be  found  in  SIC%CODE%VELO%  and
    SIC%CODE%CONV% respectively.

                       RESOLUTION Resolution information
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%RES%MAJOR    [ rad] Major axis
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%RES%MINOR    [ rad] Minor axis
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%RES%POSANG   [ rad] Position angle

               BASE Baseline information (for spectra of drifts)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%BAS%DEG            [      ] Degree of last baseline
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%SIGFI          [     K] Sigma
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%AIRE           [] Area under windows
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%BAS%NWIND          [      ] Number of line windows
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%W1(MWIND)      [  km/s] Lower limits of windows
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%W2(MWIND)      [  km/s] Upper limits of windows
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BAS%SINUS(3)       [      ] Sinus baseline result
    REAL*4        WINDOW(FOUND,1+2*RNWIND)  [  km/s] 2D plots: window for each r

                  HISTORY Scan numbers of initial observations
    PARAMETER     MSEQ=100
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%HIS%NSEQ         [   ] Number of sequences
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%HIS%START(MSEQ)  [   ] Start scan number of seq.
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%HIS%END(MSEQ)    [   ] End   scan number of seq.

                         PLOT Default plotting limits.
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%PLO%AMIN   [   ] Min Y value plotted
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%PLO%AMAX   [   ] Max Y value plotted
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%PLO%VMIN   [   ] Min X value plotted
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%PLO%VMAX   [   ] Max X value plotted

             FSWITCH Frequency switching information (for spectra)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%FSW%NPHAS           [    ] Number of phases
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%FSW%SWMOD           [code] Switching mode (frequency, p
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%FSW%DECAL(MXPHAS)   [ MHz] Frequency offsets
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%FSW%DUREE(MXPHAS)   [   s] Time per phase
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%FSW%POIDS(MXPHAS)   [    ] Weight of each phase
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%FSW%LDECAL(MXPHAS)  [ rad] Lambda offsets
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%FSW%BDECAL(MXPHAS)  [ rad] Beta offsets of each phase
    Codes for SWMOD can be found in SIC%CODE%SWITCH%.

                       CALIBRATION Calibration parameters
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%BEEFF     [     ] Beam efficiency
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%FOEFF     [     ] Forward efficiency
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%GAINI     [     ] Image/Signal gain ratio
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%H2OMM     [   mm] water vapor
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%PAMB      [  hPa] Ambient pressure
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TAMB      [    K] Ambient temperature
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TATMS     [    K] Atmosphere temp. signal band
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TCHOP     [    K] Chopper temperature
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TCOLD     [    K] Cold load temperature
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TAUS      [neper] Opacity signal band
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TAUI      [neper] Opacity image band
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TATMI     [    K] Atmosphere temp. image band
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%TREC      [    K] Receiver temperature
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%CAL%CMODE     [ code] Calibration mode
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%ATFAC     [    K] Applied calibration factor (Tcal)
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%ALTI      [    m] Site elevation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%COUNT(3)  [count] Power of Atm., Chopp., Cold
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%LCALOF    [  rad] Longitude offset for sky measurem
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%CAL%BCALOF    [  rad] Latitude offset for sky measureme
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%CAL%GEOLONG   [  rad] Geographic longitude of observato
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%CAL%GEOLAT    [  rad] Geographic latitude of observator
    Codes for CMODE can be found in CLASSCODES%CALIB%.

              SKYDIP For Skydips observations. No associated data.
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SKY%SREST        [MHz] Rest frequency
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%SKY%SIMAG        [MHz] Image frequency
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SKY%NSKY         [   ] Number of points on sky
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SKY%NCHOP        [   ]    -   -    -    -  chopper
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SKY%NCOLD        [   ]    -   -    -    -  cold load
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SKY%ELEV(MSKY)   [rad] Elevations
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SKY%EMISS(MSKY)  [  ?] Power on sky
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SKY%CHOPP(MSKY)  [  ?] Power on chopper
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SKY%COLD(MSKY)   [  ?] Power on cold load

                GAUSS Gauss fit results (for spectra or drifts)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%GAU%NLINE           [            ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GAU%SIGBA           [   Int. unit] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GAU%SIGRA           [   Int. unit] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GAU%NFIT(3*MXGAUS)  [area,v0,fwhm] Fit results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%GAU%NERR(3*MXGAUS)  [area,v0,fwhm] Errors

            SHELL "Stellar shell" profile fit results (for spectra)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%SHE%LSHEL             [   ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SHE%BSHEL             [   ] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SHE%RSHEL             [   ] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SHE%NSHEL(MSHELLFIT)  [   ] Fit results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%SHE%ESHEL(MSHELLFIT)  [   ] Errors

           NH3 "Ammoniac and Hyperfine Structure" profile fit results
                             (for spectra, ex: NH3, HCN)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%NH3%LNH3           [   ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%NH3%BNH3           [   ] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%NH3%RNH3           [   ] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%NH3%NNH3(MHFSFIT)  [   ] Fit results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%NH3%ENH3(MHFSFIT)  [   ] Errors

            ABS "Hyperfine Structure" ABSORPTION profile fit results
                             (for spectra, ex: NH3, HCN)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%ABS%LABS           [   ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%ABS%BABS           [   ] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%ABS%RABS           [   ] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%ABS%NABS(MABSFIT)  [   ] Fit results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%ABS%EABS(MABSFIT)  [   ] Errors

                 DRIFT Continuum drift description (for drifts)
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%DRI%FREQ   [ MHz] Rest frequency
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%WIDTH  [ MHz] Bandwidth
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%DRI%NPOIN  [    ] Number of data points
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%RPOIN  [    ] Reference point
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%TREF   [   ?] Time at reference
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%AREF   [rad?] Angular offset at ref.
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%APOS   [rad?] Position angle of drift
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%TRES   [   ?] Time resolution
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%ARES   [rad?] Angular resolution
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%CBAD   [    ] Blanking value
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%DRI%CTYPE  [code] Type of offsets
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%DRI%CIMAG  [ MHz] Image frequency
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%COLLA  [    ] Collimation error Az
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%DRI%COLLE  [    ] Collimation error El
    Codes for CTYPE can be found in SIC%CODE%COORD%.

             BEAM Beam-switching parameters (for spectra or drifts)
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BEA%CAZIM  [ rad] Azimuth of observation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BEA%CELEV  [ rad] Elevation of observation
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BEA%SPACE  [ rad] Beam spacing
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%BEA%BPOS   [ rad] Position angle of beams
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%BEA%BTYPE  [code] System for angle
    Codes for BTYPE can be found in SIC%CODE%COORD%.

        CONTINUUM Double gaussian and baseline fit results (for drifts)
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%POI%LCONT           [   ] Number of components
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POI%BCONT           [   ] Sigma on base
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POI%RCONT           [   ] Sigma on line
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POI%NCONT(MPOIFIT)  [   ] Results
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%POI%ECONT(MPOIFIT)  [   ] Errors

                         HERSCHEL Herschel-HIFI section
    INTEGER*8     R%HEAD%HER%OBSID        [    ] Observation id
    CHARACTER*8   R%HEAD%HER%INSTRUMENT   [str ] Instrument name
    CHARACTER*24  R%HEAD%HER%PROPOSAL     [str ] Proposal name
    CHARACTER*68  R%HEAD%HER%AOR          [str ] Astronomical Observation Reques
    INTEGER*4     R%HEAD%HER%OPERDAY      [day ] Operational day number
    CHARACTER*28  R%HEAD%HER%DATEOBS      [str ] Start date (ISO date)
    CHARACTER*28  R%HEAD%HER%DATEEND      [str ] End date (ISO date)
    CHARACTER*40  R%HEAD%HER%OBSMODE      [str ] Observing mode
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%VINFO        [km/s] Informative source velocity in
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%ZINFO        [    ] Informative target redshift
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%HER%POSANGLE     [rad ] Spacecraft pointing position an
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%HER%REFLAM       [rad ] Sky reference (a.k.a. OFF), lam
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%HER%REFBET       [rad ] Sky reference (a.k.a. OFF), bet
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%HER%HIFAVELAM    [rad ] ON average H and V coordinate (
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%HER%HIFAVEBET    [rad ] ON average H and V coordinate (
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%ETAMB        [    ] Main beam efficiency used when
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%ETAL         [    ] Forward efficiency used when ap
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%ETAA         [    ] Telescope aperture efficiency
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%HPBW         [rad ] Azimuthally-averaged half-power
    CHARACTER*8   R%HEAD%HER%TEMPSCAL     [str ] Temperature scale in use
    REAL*8        R%HEAD%HER%LODOPAVE     [MHz ] Average LO frequency Doppler co
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%GIM0         [    ] Sideband gain polynomial coeff
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%GIM1         [    ] Sideband gain polynomial coeff
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%GIM2         [    ] Sideband gain polynomial coeff
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%GIM3         [    ] Sideband gain polynomial coeff
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%MIXERCURH    [mA  ] Calibrated mixer junction curre
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%MIXERCURV    [mA  ] Calibrated mixer junction curre
    CHARACTER*28  R%HEAD%HER%DATEHCSS     [str ] Processing date (ISO date)
    CHARACTER*24  R%HEAD%HER%HCSSVER      [str ] HCSS version
    CHARACTER*16  R%HEAD%HER%CALVER       [str ] Calibration version
    REAL*4        R%HEAD%HER%LEVEL        [    ] Pipeline level

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