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    First command enables or disables  the  buffering  of  spectra  read  in
    CLASS. ON means that for each spectrum, the header and its data are read
    once from file at first need, and then from a memory buffer  for  subse-
    quent needs. OFF means they will be read from file at each need. Default
    is ON.

    The buffering of spectra (headers and data) is done in memory. The dedi-
    cated  amount  can be customized with the Sic logical SPACE_CLASS. It is
    allocated once, at first need. Disabling this buffer (SET  VIRTUAL  OFF)
    also deallocates this memory.

    A  bug  in this buffer handling was present from May2006 to Nov2008. See
    the news for Dec08 release at for more
    details. Since occurence was small and is difficult to predict, the sec-
    ond command enables or disables an error which is raised  when  the  bug
    would  have been encoutered. This is intended to help users to decide if
    they should rerun or not the processing of their data  with  the  latest
    CLASS releases where the bug is fixed. Default is NOCHECK.

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