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        LAS\SET WEIGHT Type

    Define  the weighting to be used in the averaging engine (AVERAGE, ACCU-
    MULATE, STITCH), in the command TABLE,  and  in  the  command  UV_TABLE.
    Choices are:
      T[ime],       for Time*abs(Fres)/(Tsys**2) (spectrum) or
                        Time*abs(Width)/(Tsys**2) (continuum),
      S[igma],      for 1/Sigma**2,
      E[qual],      for equal weights,
      A[ssociated], to use the Associated Array named "W" from each input
                    spectrum. "W" provides one weight value per channel.

    In  case  of  a  folded frequency switch spectrum, the spectrum is given
    twice more weight (as if the integration time was twice longer).

    The default is TIME. Sigma is not recommended unless  you  just  made  a
    baseline  fit before. Equal weight behaves differently in AVERAGE/STITCH
    and ACCUMULATE (which produces the sum).

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