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        LAS\SPECTRUM [ArrayName] [Yoff] [/INDEX] [/OBS] [/PEN Ipen]

        Plot the spectrum in the R buffer in the units and scales defined by
        SET UNIT and SET MODE. No argument or argument  "Y"  will  plot  the
        spectrum Y intensities of the R buffer (RY), but an associated array
        can be plotted instead given its name.

        Yoff (default 0) is a constant Y-offset added to the plotted  values
        (useful to compare two spectra).

        The option /PEN allows to use a i-th pen instead of the current one,
        without modifying it in return.

        Plots the 2D array from the last LOAD command.

    Without option, the behavior depends on SET ACTION (see  PLOT).  Default
    is OBS.

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