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        LAS\STITCH [/RESAMPLE NX Xref Xval Xinc Unit]  [/NOCHECK  [Arg1  ...

    Stitch (i.e. make the union of) all the spectra of the current index us-
    ing the specified (/WEIGHT) or current (SET WEIGHT)  weighting  function
    (see HELP SET WEIGHT for details). The command behaves like AVERAGE /RE-
    SAMPLE except it ignores the SET ALIGN status and composes  the  spectra
    on  the  signal frequency axis. Use the option /IMAGE to compose them on
    the image frequency axis.

    On return the R spectrum contains the average spectrum.  If  /WEIGHT  or
    SET  WEIGHT  is ASSOCIATED (see HELP SET WEIGHT for details), the weight
    array of the average spectrum is saved in the associated array named W.

    Bad channels are handled according to SET BAD. A sum may be  interrupted
    by <^C>, but the result is then undefined.


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