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    By default, STITCH checks the consistency between all the input spectra.
    This is a security to avoid mixing inconsistent data (e.g. spectra  from
    different  sources).  These checks can be individually (with one or more
    names) or all (no name) disabled using the option /NOCHECK. See HELP SET
    NOCHECK for details.

    Note the key status of the SPECTROSCOPY check! STITCH uses this check to
    detect if the spectra frequency axes are aligned or not, to help its de-
    cision  to  enable  resampling  or  not  (see /RESAMPLE subtopic). Using
    /NOCHECK SPECTROSCOPY enforces the spectra alignment status:

        will assume the spectra are aligned and will stack them  channel  by
        channel (no resampling), while they are possibly not aligned.

        will  assume  the  spectra  are not aligned and will always resample
        them before stacking, even if not necessary (adds  computation  cost
        and possible round off errors).

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