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        LAS\STITCH [/RESAMPLE NX Xref Xval Xinc Unit]

      No /RESAMPLE
        Without  this option, STITCH behaves as AVERAGE /RESAMPLE, stitching
        all the input frequency axes. The resampling is possible but not en-
        forced. A consistency test first checks if the spectra frequency ax-
        es are identical or not. If yes, the spectra are stacked channel  by
        channel  (no  resampling). If not, the frequency axes are resampled.
        The frequency axis of the output sum is automatically  computed.  In
        particular,  the  output spectrum has the coarsest resolution of the
        input spectra. Those are then internally resampled  and  stacked  on
        the output axis.

      /RESAMPLE NX Xref Xval Xinc Unit
        A  custom  output  X  axis can be given with the syntax /RESAMPLE NX
        Xref Xval Xinc Unit. In this case, the  resampling  is  always  per-
        formed.  The  input  spectra are internally resampled and stacked on
        this axis. See HELP RESAMPLE for possible uses and caveats.

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