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        LAS\TAG Quality_Code List_of_Observations

    Attributes a quality to a given list of Observations. Quality_Code is an
    integer in the range 0-9, and the recommended quality scale is
          0 Unknown
          1 Excellent
          2 Good
          3 Fair
          4 Average
          5 Poor
          6 Bad
          7 Awful
          8 Should never exist
          9 Reserved for deleted Observations
    The operation is immediate and occurs in the OUTPUT file  for  all  ver-
    sions  of  all  Observations specified in the list. If no list is given,
    the R memory is attributed the specified quality. A FIND operation  will
    only  select Observations of quality better than (i.e. less or equal to)
    the quality specified by the SET QUALITY command, or in the /QUALITY op-

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