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              ANALYSE\ Command Language Summary

     COMMENT            Manipulate the COMMENT section of spectra
     DIVIDE             Divide R spectrum by T spectrum
     DRAW               Call the cursor or plot comments
     FILL begin end     Fill from begin to end with noise, blank, etc.
     FFT                Compute and edit Fourier Transform of R or P
     GREG [name]        Make a TABLE or formatted file from current scan
     LMV                Convert a data cube into a set of spectra
     MAP [M|W]          Plot a map of spectra (or only their location)
     MEMORIZE Arg       Memorize the current observation
     MODEL Var          Generate a CLASS spectrum from a 1D variable
     NOISE [S [NEW]]    Generate gaussian noise
     PRINT [Arg]        Print values in a formatted file, or a table
     POPUP              Zoom a spectrum from a STAMP, MAP or PLOT /INDEX
     REDUCE             Reduce a SKYDIP
     RESAMPLE Arg       Resample a spectrum on a specified grid
     RETRIEVE Arg       Retrieve an observation from the memories
     SMOOTH [Arg...]    Smooth the spectrum in R
     STAMP              Display all spectra in index on one plot
     STRIP File         Create an image for Position-Velocity plots
     TABLE              Build a GILDAS table from the current index

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