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        ANALYSE\FILL s1 e1 [[s2 e2] ...]  [/INTER]  [/NOISE  [rms]]  [/BLANK

    Performs the specified action in the interval(s) specified with starting
    and ending values (in current units).

        Makes a linear interpolation. When combined  with  /NOISE  [rms],  a
        Gaussian noise is added to the linear interpoltion.
    /NOISE [rms]
        Fill  in  the  interval(s) with a Gaussian noise of a given rms. The
        rms defaults to the one computed in the BASE section. If  this  sec-
        tion is absent, it is computed from Tsys, resolution and integration
        time in the GENERAL section. If one of these values  is  null  (e.g.
        spectrum  was  generated  by the command MODEL), an error is raised.
        This option can be combined with /INTER.
    /BLANK [bval]
        Fill in with blank value unless bval is specified.

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