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        ANALYSE\MAP [Match|Where|Keep] [/CELL Size_X [Size_Y]] [/GRID] [/NO-
    LABEL] [/NUMBER] [/BASE [Ipen]]

    Makes a map of spectra or display the true  locations  of  the  spectra.
    Offset  limits  are automatically computed, and it adjusts the size of a
    spectrum depending in the current box size. If not  in  WHERE-mode,  the
    only  constraint  of MAP in this mode is that the X and Y limits must be
    fixed so that the spectra share a common scale.

        To force matching the X to Y ratio, which is otherwise  adjusted  so
        as  to  make the largest possible drawing.  The options control pre-
        sentation details.

        Only displays the spectra locations with crosses (the marker can not
        be  modified). Can be combined with MATCH. Global variables idx%loff
        and idx%boff contains offsets positions of all entries of  the  cur-
        rent  index,  and  may  also be used, with GREG1\ commands (g\limit,
        g\box, g\point), to display the spectra locations. In this case, the
        marker can be modified (g\set marker).

        Will  not  recompute the grid. Uses the last grid. Can be useful for
        online display.

    The actual graphic output is delayed until the end of the index has been
    reached.  This  process  may be slow on some inplementations and graphic
    terminals when the number of spectra is large. The MAP  command  can  be
    interrupted by typing Control-C.


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