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        ANALYSE\MODEL  Y_Variable [X_Variable] [/BLANK Bval] [/REGULAR [Xref
    Xval RestFreq]] [/FREQUENCY LineName RestFreq] [/XAXIS  Xref  Xval  Xinc

    Generates  a  CLASS  spectrum  from  a 1D SIC variable. Note that the 1D
    variable can be (and frequently is) a subset of a higher  dimensionality
    variable.  This  command is typically used either to generate test data,
    or more frequently to transfer data from a GILDAS  image  (or  cube)  to

    A  second  variable,  if present, is interpreted as an associated X axis
    scale for a presumably non linear or irregularly sampled frequency axis,
    as  can occur for non resampled data from AOS backends (or optical spec-
    tra). Please note however that non linear axes are  a  largely  untested
    feature in CLASS, you should avoid this solution when possible.

    There  are  three (exclusive) ways to define the X axis: provide a X ar-
    ray, /XAXIS option, /REGULAR option (see below). The model  header  will
    have  a minimal values set. On the other hand, if none of these three is
    used, the command will copy RX and header from the previous R buffer  in

    /BLANK Bval
        Allow the user to provide the blanking value. Default is -1000.

    /REGULAR [Xref Xval RestFreq]
        Indicate that data are regularly spaced along the X axis. If no ref-
        erence pixel and value at reference are supplied, default values are
        set  to  respectively half the channel number and to the velocity in
        the nearest channel.

    /FREQUENCY LineName RestFreq
        Indicate line name and the rest frequency. Default rest frequency is
        3.10^5 MHz.

    /XAXIS Xref Xval Xinc Unit
        Define  the  X  axis with its reference channel (Xref), its value at
        reference channel (Xval), and  the  increment  per  channel  (Xinc).
        Units are km/s or MHz if Unit is VELOCITY or FREQUENCY respectively.
        If Unit is FREQUENCY, Xval is expected to be the rest frequency.

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