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        ANALYSE\SMOOTH [Arg...]

    SMOOTH  copies R into T, then degrades the frequency/velocity resolution
    of R according to the selected method. If the R buffer also provides As-
    sociated  Arrays,  the  smoothing method is also applied to them, except
    for the method NOISE where this is not relevant. It is not yet  possible
    to provide a custom smoothing method for the Associated Arrays.

    The arguments are used to specify the method :
      - HANNING (default)
        The new spectrum has twice less channels and twice less resolution.

      - GAUSS Width
        Convolves  (by multiplication in the Fourier plane) by a gaussian of
        specified width in current X units. Because  this  method  does  not
        support  bad  values in the Fourier plane, bad channels are interpo-
        lated before use.

      - BOX Nchan
        Averages Nchan adjacent channels to produce a  spectrum  with  Nchan
        less resolution and channels.

      - NOISE Flux Nc
        For  each channel, sums at most Nc neighbouring channels until a to-
        tal flux Flux is reached in the sum.  Then  attributes  the  average
        value (sum divided by number of channels added) to the channel. This
        smoothing is non-uniform, strictly positive, and has an obvious ten-
        dency to produce wings...

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