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        ANALYSE\STRIP File

    STRIP  creates  a  GILDAS 2-D image which can be used later by GILDAS to
    produce Velocity-Position plots using command RGMAP. STRIP works on  the
    current  index, and checks that it defines a true strip along one of the
    main directions. That means you should have build the current index with
    FIND  /OFFSET  Value  *  or FIND /OFFSET * Value.  The current X unit is
    used. The name of the output file must be given.

    To produce a strip along another direction than X or Y, change the  off-
    sets  of  your spectra using command MODIFY OFFSETS, and write the modi-
    fied spectra in a new output file.

    STRIP can also produce a GILDAS 2-D image from a set of parallel contin-
    uum  drifts.  The  drifts  must  have  the  same steps, and be regularly
    spaced.  The index must define a coherent map.

    PV cuts might also be done easily in GREG from a GILDAS  table  or  cube
    with more versatility.

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