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        ANALYSE\TABLE Filename [OLD|NEW] [/MATH Expression1 ... ExpressionN]
    [/RANGE  rmin rmax unit] [/RESAMPLE Nc Ref Val Inc Unit [Shape] [Width]]
    [/FFT] [/LIKE GDFFile] [/FREQUENCY name  rest-freq]  [/WEIGHT  TIME|SIG-

    Build  a  GILDAS  table from current index entries. No gridding is done.
    This table may be then regridded on a Regular Grid to build  a  datacube
    for further use in GREG.

      OLD     Append to table 'filename'
      NEW     Create a new table

        Compute  one  or  more mathematical expressions instead of storing a
        spectrum. See subtopic /MATH for details.

        By default, the whole X axis is stored in the GILDAS table. A  range
        can be imposed, in which case the unit must be specified.

        By default, the spectra are resampled, on-the-fly while building the
        TABLE, on the first spectrum X axis. This option allows  to  enforce
        that  resampling  is done on the given X axis. See HELP RESAMPLE for
        possible uses and caveats.

        Same as /RESAMPLE, except that the X axis is guessed from  a  refer-
        ence GDF file (can be a cube or a UV table).

        To specify that resampling is done in time domain.

        To change the line name and/or the rest frequency.

        Specify  which  weight is to be saved in the dedicated column in the
        output table. Default is ruled by SET WEIGHT.

        By default, the consistency of the index is checked against  SOURCE,
        POSITION, LINE and SPECTROSCOPY parameters (see LAS\CONSISTENCY) be-
        fore building the table. If the SPECTROSCOPY section appears  incon-
        sistent,  the spectra are resampled on-the-fly on the first spectrum
        X axis. Other sources of inconsistency are not recoverable  and  the
        table  is  not  built. This option without keyword allows to disable
        all consistency checks. With keyword(s), disable  the  corresponding

       1.  /MATH, /RANGE, /RESAMPLE and /LIKE are exclusive
       2.  Continuum data not supported


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