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        FIT\DISPLAY [Yoff] [/NOPLOT] [/METHOD]

    Displays  the results of the profile fit of R for the current method, in
    the terminal and in the plot header. Yoff indicates the Y offset for the
    results to be printed on the plot; default value is 0.

    For  the  Gauss (default) method (see HELP METHOD), the command displays
    (1) the Line number, (2) the Area, (3) the Position, (4) the  Width  and
    (5) the Intensity , each with their associated errors, and resulting RMS
    in the Base and Line windows.

    Note that the values are also available in the R% variable, for  use  in
    procedures. See HELP MINIMIZE for details.

        /NPLOT:  if present, print the fit result but do not display them on
    the plot.
        /METHOD: if present, print the  fit  result  for  the  corresponding

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