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        FIT\MINIMIZE (parameters of the GAUSSIAN profile)

    The gaussian fit parameters can be found in:

      Parameter       Variable

      Area            R%HEAD%GAU%RESULT['(ILINE-1)*3+1']
      Position        R%HEAD%GAU%RESULT['(ILINE-1)*3+2']
      Width           R%HEAD%GAU%RESULT['(ILINE-1)*3+3']

      Error(Area)     R%HEAD%GAU%ERROR['(ILINE-1)*3+1']
      Error(Position) R%HEAD%GAU%ERROR['(ILINE-1)*3+2']
      Error(Width)    R%HEAD%GAU%ERROR['(ILINE-1)*3+3']

    where  ILINE  is  the  number  of one of the fitted lines, between 1 and

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