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        FIT\MINIMIZE (parameters of the CONTINUUM profile)

    The continuum drift fit parameters can be found in:

      Parameter       Variable                          Unit

      Baseline Offset R%HEAD%POI%NCONT[1]               counts
      Baseline Slope  R%HEAD%POI%NCONT[2]               counts/rad
      Area            R%HEAD%POI%NCONT['(ILINE-1)*3+3'] counts.rad
      Position        R%HEAD%POI%NCONT['(ILINE-1)*3+4'] rad
      Width           R%HEAD%POI%NCONT['(ILINE-1)*3+5'] rad

      Error(Base Off) R%HEAD%POI%ECONT[1]               counts
      Error(Base Slo) R%HEAD%POI%ECONT[2]               counts/rad
      Error(Area)     R%HEAD%POI%ECONT['(ILINE-1)*3+3'] counts.rad
      Error(Position) R%HEAD%POI%ECONT['(ILINE-1)*3+4'] rad
      Error(Width)    R%HEAD%POI%ECONT['(ILINE-1)*3+5'] rad

    where ILINE is the number of one of the  fitted  lines,  between  1  and
    R%HEAD%POI%LCONT.  Note  that  these values are available in radians an-
    gles, but they are displayed or plotted in CLASS using the  current  SET
    ANGLE setting.

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