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        MAP\XY_MAP [Filename] /NOGRID

    XY_MAP /NOGRID builds an LMV spectra cube and an associated weight image
    from an XY table, but does not regrid the data with a convolution.

    The command checks that it encounters points which are regularly  spaced
    (i.e.,  on  a grid), and it deduces from these the typical parameters of
    the spatial grid (pixel size, map size,  ...).  The  grid  alignment  is
    checked  with  a  tolerance.  By default the tolerance is a tenth of the
    beam, if the beam is known (see HELP XY_MAP TUNING for the possible ways
    to declare the beam). If the beam is not known, the tolerance can be ex-
    plicitly set in the variable MAP%TOLE (in arcsec).

    The parameters of the output cube can  still  be  overridden  by  user's
    MAP%LIKE and MAP% objects.

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