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        EXPERIMENTAL\MEDIAN [Width] [Sampling]

    Compute the Median and the Median Absolute Deviation along the  R  spec-
    trum  and  save  them  in the 2 associated arrays named BASELINE and RMS
    (available in R%ASSOC%BASELINE% and R%ASSOC%RMS% respectively).

    These quantities are computed in windows of the given  Width  (MHz,  de-
    fault  20). Windows are set every Sampling space (MHz, default width/2).
    Intermediate values are then interpolated, so that the final  Associated
    Arrays  are of size Nchan. Using a sampling of 1 channel is possible but
    at larger computation cost.

    For the first and last half windows (boundary conditions),  flat  values
    are used (no extrapolation).

    If  the  input channel in RY is blanked, the resulting channels in BASE-
    LINE and RMS are also blanked. Blank channels do not contribute  to  the
    surrounding windows.

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