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Gauss fit results (for spectra or drifts)

  ! GAUSS: Gauss fit results (for spectra or drifts).
  integer(kind=4), parameter :: class_sec_gau_id=-9
  integer(kind=4), parameter :: mxgaus=5
  integer(kind=4), parameter :: mgausfit=3*mxgaus
  integer(kind=4), parameter :: class_sec_gau_len=3+2*mgausfit
  type gauss
     integer(kind=4) :: nline           ! [            ] Number of components
     real(kind=4)    :: sigba           ! [   Int. unit] Sigma on base
     real(kind=4)    :: sigra           ! [   Int. unit] Sigma on line
     real(kind=4)    :: nfit(mgausfit)  ! [area,v0,fwhm] Fit results
     real(kind=4)    :: nerr(mgausfit)  ! [area,v0,fwhm] Errors
  end type gauss

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