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Multiple spectra Data Section

A multiple spectra data section contains many spectra, obtained in a single observing scan: typically a drift scan across a source, a on-off scan with a multi-beam receiver, or a drift scan with a multi-beam receiver. The data section is considered as a multiple spectra data section is the special section `Data Section Descriptor' is present. It consists of a R_NDUMP records (individual spectra); each spectrum has R_LDATL line channels, and is followed by a few data associated parameters (R_LDPAR words). The length of each record is thus R_LDUMP=R_LDPAR+R_LDATL; the total length of the data section should be: NDATA=R_NDUMP*R_LDUMP.

The data header presently contains:

      offset   type           name                  

0 Integer*4 Record number
1 Real*4 AZ [rad] Telescope Azimuth
2 Real*4 EL [rad] Telescope Elevation
3 Real*8 ST [rad] Sideral Time
5 Real*4 LAMOF [rad] Azimuth offset
6 Real*4 BETOF [rad] Elevation offset
12 Real*4 UT [sec] Universal Time in day DOBS

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