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              LAS\ Command Language Summary

     ACCUMULATE         Add R and T observation.
     ASSOCIATE          Add an Associated Array to the R observation
     AVERAGE            Average all the observations of the current index.
     BASE [arg]         Subtract a baseline.
     BOX                Draw a frame for data.
     CATALOG            Load a line catalog
     CONSISTENCY        Check the consistency of the current index
     COPY               Write the current index into output file.
     DROP num [ver]     Take a scan out of the current index.
     DUMP               List some informations on the R spectrum.
     EXTRACT X1 X2 [U]  Extract a subsection of the R spectrum.
     FILE type name     Define the input/output files.
     FIND               Search the input file for observations.
     FITS               Write or read a fits file
     FOLD               Fold a Frequency Switched spectrum.
     GET [N]            Read a scan in the input file.
     HEADER             Display some header information on the R spectrum.
     IGNORE List        Ignore scans from the Input file.
     LIST [in|out]      List header information about an ensemble of scans.
     LOAD               Build a 2D set of spectra from INDEX
     MODIFY             Edit and change the scan header.
     MULTIPLY fact      Multiply the R spectrum by fact.
     NEW_DATA           Wait until new data present in input file.
     PLOT               Plot the observation in R, with box and title.
     SAVE [name]        Save the current parameters.
     SET                Enter a value for a parameter.
     SHOW Arg           Display some parameter.
     SPECTRUM           Plot the R observation or an associated array.
     SWAP               Exchange the contents of the R and T buffers.
     TAG Qual List      Change the quality of scans in the Output file.
     TITLE              Write a header above the plotted frame.
     UPDATE             Update R in the output file.
     WRITE [Obs]        Write R in the output file.

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