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        LAS\ACCUMULATE /RESAMPLE [NX Xref Xval Xinc Unit]

    Without this option, R and T will be added channel by channel. A consis-
    tency  test  will  check  that they both have the same X axes. SET ALIGN
    values are ignored in this case. Prefer  this  solution  when  possible,
    since it is faster and safer.

    With the /RESAMPLE option, the X axis of the output sum will be automat-
    ically computed according to the alignment mode (SET ALIGN). In particu-
    lar,  the  output  spectrum has the coarsest resolution of the two input
    spectra. Those are then internally resampled and added on this new axis.

    A  custom  output  X axis can be given with the syntax /RESAMPLE NX Xref
    Xval Xinc Unit. The input spectra are internally resampled and added  on
    this axis. See HELP RESAMPLE for possible uses and caveats.

    Remember that if it is enabled, the resampling is time consuming and has
    non trivial effects on the spectra noise.

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