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        LAS\ASSOCIATE ReservedName Array
        LAS\ASSOCIATE FreeName Array /BAD BadValue [/UNIT UnitString]

    This commands adds or deletes an Associated Array to/from the R observa-

    The  first form allows to add a reserved Associated Array. With such ar-
    rays, the metadata like the bad value or the unit are restricted by  the
    Associated Arrays specifications: they can not be customized.

    The second form allows to add a free (non-reserved) Associated Array. In
    this case, the bad value is mandatory (no default). The unit is optional
    and  defaults  to a blank string. The Associated Array name is free, ex-
    cept that it must use symbols allowed in Sic variable  names  (i.e.  al-
    phanumeric characters).

    The  input  array  type  and kind will be reused as the Associated Array
    type and kind. Its first dimension must be of size RY (i.e. same  number
    of channels as R). A second dimension is allowed. The array argument can
    refer to a subset of a bigger array, as long as this subset respects the
    above rules.

    The third form will delete the named array from the section (no error if
    no such array). If there are no more arrays in the section, the  section
    is disabled.

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