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        CLIC\SOLVE POINTING [beam] [/PLOT] [/COMPRESS [timex]] [/PRINT]
        [/OUTPUT filename [NEW|APPEND] [FLUX] [TPOINT]]
        [/TOTAL] [/FIX param1 [value1] param2 [value2] ... ]

    Find  pointing  corrections  from POINTING scans.  All pointing scans in
    the current index are processed by a gaussian  fit.  Its  width  can  be
    fixed  if  the  argument 'beam' is given (in arcsec). All continuum sub-
    bands and both side bands are averaged.  SET AVERAGE  METHOD  SCALAR  is
    recommended. The fits may be displayed with option /PLOT.

    The  option /COMPRESS may be used to average data in a given time inter-
    val before processing, to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.  Default is
    4 seconds.

    The   presence   of   option  /PRINT  produces  a  procedure  file  (IN-
    TER_OBS:pointing.obs), to be used in  OBS  for  introducing  the  fitted
    pointing offset.

    The  results  may  also be written on an output ASCII file if /OUTPUT is
    given.  The file is given extension .lis  by  default;  a  new  file  is
    opened except if APPEND is given as a second argument of option /OUTPUT.
    The file is by default in a format suitable for the determination  of  a
    pointing  model  (program POINT at BURE). The presence of optional argu-
    ment FLUX changes the output format for the  determination  of  relative
    fluxes (by ASTRO). With argument TPOINT, the output is written in a for-
    mat suitable for processing by the TPOINT program.

    ****** ATF CORNER ******

    With option /TOTAL, SOLVE POINTING uses the total  power  to  solve  for
    pointing errors. In that case, option /FIX may be used to fix one param-
    eter. Possible parameters are:

        AZ: the azimuth collimation error (arc sec.)
        EL: the elevation collimation error (arc sec.)
        PEAK: the peak amplitude, in total power units
        WIDTH: the HPBW (arc sec.)
        ZERO: the off-source zero level, in total power units

    With /TOTAL, /COMPRESS does the ON-OFF combination if in beam  switching
    mode.  In that case ZERO is preferrably fixed to zero (e.g. SOLVE POINT-

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