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        CLIC\STORE PHASE [/BAND code] [/SELF] [/RECEIVER irec]


    Store the phase calibration determined by the last SOLVE PHASE command.

    One  calibration  curve is stored for each sideband.  With option "/BAND
    code", one may use the calibration curve  determined  with  one  of  the
    sidebands  (`code' is UPPER or USB, LOWER or LSB, or AVERAGE or DSB), to
    calibrate both sidebands.

    With option "/SELF", the calibration stored will not be the  calibration
    curve  (as  determined  from the last SOLVE PHASE command) but, for each
    scan, the visibility corresponding to the first subband  set  (eg.,  SET
    SUB  L01 to L03 ...); data from each side band will be used to calibrate
    the same side band. This provide a simple, easy  way  to  self-calibrate
    data taken on strong continuum sources (quasars).

    With  option  "/RECEIVER irec", the calibration curves solved using data
    from receiver "irec" will be stored in parallel with any other  calibra-
    tion  curve.   This phase curve will be selected by giving SET PHASE EX-
    TERNAL (see this command). In practice, this is used for Receiver 2  da-
    ta,  for  which  the  calibration  curve  determined  with Receiver 1 is
    stored. /BAND may be used in conjunction with /RECEIVER.

    STORE PHASE and STORE AMPLITUDE can be  performed  simultaneously  using
    STORE  AMPLITUDE  PHASE  [/BAND code] [/SELF] [/RECEIVER irec] (the /RE-
    CEIVER option has no meaning for amplitudes).

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