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        CLIC\STORE FLAG f1 f2 ...  [/ANTENNA a1 a2 ...   ]
        [/BASELINE b1 b2 ...] [/RESET]

    Flag all data in the current index according to the parameters  and  op-
    tion  specified.

    Supported flag names are:

    - C01 to C08 for bad individual continuum correlator subbands
    - L01 to L08 for bad individual spectral correlator subbands
    - DATA for bad data
    - TSYS for too high system temperature (antenna based only)
    - LOCK for out of lock local oscillator (antenna based only)
    - POINTING for poor pointing (antenna based only)
    - SHADOW for antenna being shadowed by another antenna (ant. based only)
    - SATURATION for too high total power on a particular antenna
    - TIME for time discontinuity
    - DOPPLER for doppler discontinuity
    - REDU for data reduction

    Use option /RESET to suppress flags that were accidentally set.

    "STORE  FLAG"  is  equivalent  to  "MODIFY  DATA  proc.clic",  where the
    "proc.clic" procedure contains:
          FLAG f1 f2 ... [/ANTENNA a1 a2 ...] [/BASELINE b1 b2 ...] [/RESET]
          GO WRITE
    but it is simpler and faster. All  the  data  records  will  be flagged.

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