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        CLIC\WVR [/CMODE wvrmode wvrcpol] [/NOWRITE]


    This  command  is used to prepare the atmospheric phase correction based
    on the 22 GHz Water Vapor Radiometers (WVR). It process all scans in the
    current index and performs two operations.

    First, it processes the WVR calibration scans (CWVR) to compute receiver
    and calibration temperatures of each radiometer. Option /CMODE  is  used
    to  specify  the  WVR  calibration  mode: the 'wvrmode' parameter can be
    equal to:
      - TR_GE: Trec + gain external
      - LAB
      - TREC
      - DIODE
      - NOCAL: no calibration, for test purposes only

    The second argument of /CMODE is 'wvrcpol' which gives the degree of the
    poynomial fit removed from the data.  Default value are: wvrmode = TREC,
    and wvrcpol = 0.

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