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a rough, simple way

Here we just plot the data of lower sideband.

FILE I INTER_DATA:01-dec-1992
SET SCAN 2393 2440               ! select data by scan number
SET PROCEDURE CORR               ! discard AUTOs and possible other scans
PLOT                             ! giving it a glance does not hurt ...
SET ANTENNA 2 3                  ! use antenna mode
SET SUBBANDS C01 TO C06          ! should be OK
SET BANDS UPPER LOWER            ! side bands separately 
SET PHASE JUMPY                  ! best for baseline solving
SET Y PHASE                      ! amplitude not needed
PLOT                             ! phases should be displayed
SOLVE BAS/SEARCH                 ! should normally be enough.
                                 ! ...wait a few seconds ...
PAUSE                            ! keep a log of the results !
                                 ! (both side bands should agree)
PRINT BASELINE                   ! to have the results in a OBS procedure
RESIDUALS BASELINE               ! phases should be flat.

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