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Going AIPS

You should first convert your table into UVFITS format. This is done by the program GFITS. To invoke in, type GFITS under VMS. The commands are:

SET STYLE UVFITS        ! Select type of FITS format
IMAGE name.uvt          ! Define input table
FILE OUT name.uvfits    ! Define output FITS file
WRITE                   ! Write FITS file
The output file `name.uvfits' will be accepted by AIPS task UVLOD (use INFILE name.uvfits). You may also produce a UVFITS file on tape for further reduction at any site running AIPS.

Another possibly is the task GILDAS_FITS available in GILDAS (using the programs VECTOR, GRAPHIC, or OVERLAY), with command RUN GILDAS_FITS/EDIT. The initialisation file will be

! GILDAS_FITS: Gildas to Disk FITS translator
!          (items)                             (user answers)
TASK\FILE "Input Gildas File" IN$              name.uvt
TASK\FILE "Output FITS file" FITS$             name.uvfits
TASK\INTEGER "Number of bits" NBIT$            16 ! or 32 or -16 or -32

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