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        CLIC\FITS name

    Create  for  each selected line subband a FITS file containing the spec-
    tral data. The fits file names are  e.g.  name-l01.fits,  name-l02.fits,
    name-l03.fits  (one  fits  file is created for each subband), if one has
    specified SET SUBBAND L01 L02 L03.

    For autocorrelation data, the data from all antennas are averaged.   For
    correlation  data,  the complex data from all baselines are averaged and
    the real part of the resulting visibility is used.

    This command allows to easily write out spectra from point-like  sources
    to  be  further analyzed in CLASS. Reading the data in CLASS and writing
    them in a CLASS-format file can be done with a procedure like:

        FILE OUT myfile NEW
        FITS READ name-l01.fits
        WRITE next_obs
        FITS READ name-l02.fits
        WRITE next_obs

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