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Data Display

The CLIC program includes the one dimensional part of GREG (SIC language GREG1). All graphic display is done internally via GREG commands or subroutines. So we refer to the GREG documentation for commands like DEVICE, HARDCOPY, ... which must be issued to obtain a graphic display. 1

The CLIC display may do two kinds of plotting: time-like or spectral-like. By default, the time-like mode is selected (SET MODE TIME). In this mode, two quantities are plotted one against each other, in one or several GREG boxe Both quantities are time functions, such as time itself, or hour angle, or amplitude (or phase) in a selected channel.

In spectral-like mode (SET MODE SPEC), the quantity in abs is a spectral coordinate, such as channel number, frequency or velocity. The ordinate is then amplitude or phase. Switching between time mode and spectral mode is done automatically by the SET X and SET Y commands.


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