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        CLIC\MODIFY DATA procedure [/BEFORE date] [/AFTER date] [/ATM]

    This is a general command to edit the data headers of the scans  in  the
    current  index. CLIC enters a loop in which for all scans in the current
    index, the data header of the average record is read. For each scan  the
    procedure 'procedure' (default extension ".clic") is executed. This pro-
    cedure may only contain the following commands  :  DUMP,  HEADER,  FLAG,
    MINMAX, GO, or any SIC command that acts on variables. Especially, vari-
    ables defined by the VARIABLE command can be modified...

    The command GO [WRITE] must end the procedure.  With GO WRITE, the  data
    record will be updated; with only GO, the data record is not updated and
    CLIC loads the next record from the current index.  If no GO command  in
    excountered  in  the procedure, the loop is aborted.  If a PAUSE command
    is found in the procedure, the PAUSE is executed, but the prompt changes
    to  "MODIFY>".  The same commands as above may then be executed from the
    keyboard; "QUIT ALL" may be used to abort the loop.

    The options /BEFORE and /AFTER allows to select data depending on  their
    observing dates.

    If  present,  the  /ATM  option  allows to modify the data header of the
    phase corrected average record (will work only if such record is present
    in  the  data,  so  only on cross-correlations: CROSS, FLUX, POINT, GAIN

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