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        CLIC\SET ANTENNAS [a1 a2 ...]

    Selects  the  antennas for which data will be displayed by command PLOT.
    This command is exclusive with commands SET BASELINES and SET TRIANGLES.

    Parameters  which  may be displayed in this antenna-mode are obvious an-
    tenna-based parameters such as cable phase, LO-phase and rate, ...  With
    SET Y AMPLITUDE and when more than 3 antennas are available in the data,
    antenna amplitude is computed by averaging all possible "triangular  ra-
    tios"  of baseline amplitudes. With SET Y PHASE a phase is attributed to
    each antenna by setting the phase of antenna 1 to zero, and  making  use
    of closure relations for other antennas (least square fit). This is use-
    ful for fitting baselines for instance (it enables one to determine  di-
    rectly antenna position offsets).

    SET  ANTENNA with no arguments selects all antennas present in the base-
    lines previously in use. SET ANTENNA ALL will select  all  the  antennas
    available  in  the first scan of the current index, for each command ac-
    cessing the data (e.g. PLOT).  This is the default.

    Note that SET ANTENNA also allows to select the antenna to be  processed
    by  the  SOLVE HOLOGRAPHY command (if several antennas are selected, the
    first one in the list is processed).

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