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        [FLUX\]SOLVE [Name1 [Name2 [...]]]

    Use the sources Name1, Name2, etc... as flux references.  For a  planet,
    the  flux  is  derived using the gain USB/LSB and the frequency informa-
    tions. For other sources, the flux specified  by  command  SET  FLUX  is
    used.  Without  argument, all the planets included in the input file are
    used to calculate the antenna efficiency.

    The fluxes of all sources is computed as described below at  the  ``gain
    corrected'' frequency:
        F = ( F(LSB) + G x F(USB) ) / (1+G)
    where G is the USB to LSB receiver gain ratio.

    The computation steps are
       + Correct Azimuth subscan for elevation pointing error
       + Correct Elevation subscan for azimuth pointing error
       + Average both subscans to derive the source intensity
            (with proper weighting using standard deviations)
       + Average all independant scans on the same source
            (with proper weighting)
       + Determine the  average antenna efficiency from the list of
            sources of known flux, with error estimate
       + Determine the unknown fluxes, giving the error estimates:
            Relative, including only errors on the source intensity, and
            Absolute which also includes the error on antenna efficiency.

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