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Noise estimation and plotting

       1 let name 1mm
       2 let type lmv-clean
       3 go cct
       4 go noise
       5 let spacing '3*noise'
       6 go bit
       7 hardcopy 1mm-clean
       8 exit
Steps 1-3
Visualize the cumulative flux as a function of the number of found clean components to get an idea of the cleaning convergence.
Step 4
Computes an experimental noise value which takes into account possible remaining side lobes after deconvolution.
Step 5
Sets the spacing between contour levels to 3 times the experimental noise value (the noise SIC variable was defined by the GO NOISE procedure).
Step 6
Visualizes the clean image with the right values for the contour levels.
Step 7
Makes a color Post-Script file, named 1mm-clean.eps, of the plot.

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