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    This   task computes pseudo-visibilities for short or zero spacings from
    a single dish table of spectra (Class table) or LMV data cube.

    Depending on the MODE$ parameter, these pseudo visibilities  are  either
    appended  to  a Mosaic UV table, or gathered in a separate Mosaic UV ta-
    ble, of written separately for each field.

    Short spacings are computed when the  Interferometer  dish  diameter  is
    smaller than the Single-dish diameter, Zero spacings otherwise (see HELP
    UV_SHORT Zero_Spacing for this case)

    For short spacings, the task has two steps
      (1) Creation of a "well behaved" map from the spectra.
      (2) Extraction of UV visibilities from this map.

    See HELP UV_SHORT MODE$ for the various modes of operation and  the  re-
    quired keywords in each case.  See HELP UV_SHORT Step_i for detailed ex-
    planations of the method steps.

    With MODE$ = 3, most parameters are automatically determined.  Mandatory
    parameters remain TABLE$, UV_TABLE$, MAP_NAME$, and SD_FACTOR$ (although
    that one may also be determined automatically if the input  single  dish
    data set is in main-beam brightness temperature).

    A  parameter  set to 0 value indicates the appropriate default should be

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