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    This   task computes pseudo-visibilities for short or zero spacings from
    a single dish table of spectra (Class table) or LMV data cube.

    These pseudo visibilities are appended added  to  the  output  UV  table
    (-merged.uvt) alongside the original visibilities.

    This task computes short spacings, i.e. when the Interferometer dish di-
    ameter is smaller than the  Single-dish  diameter,  otherwise  the  task
    UV_ZERO should be used instead (see HELP UV_ZERO).

    The task performs 4 actions:
      (1) Setup: Initialization of all relevant variables
      (2) Grid: Creation of a map from the spectra over a grid
      (3) Pseudo: Computation of UV visibilities from the gridded spectra
      (4) Merge: Creation of a new UV table (-merged) with the pseudo
          visibilities plus the original visibilities

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