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Typical imaging session

       1 read uv demo
       2 input uv_map
       3 uv_stat weight
       4 let weight_mode "UN"
       5 let uv_cell[2] 0.1
       6 input uv_map
       7 uv_map
       8 show beam
       9 show dirty
      10 let map_size 256
      11 uv_map
      12 show beam
      13 show dirty
      14 go wedge
      15 hardcopy demo-dirty
      16 write dirty demo
      17 write beam demo
Step 1
Read the demo.uvt $uv$ table in an internal buffer.
Step 2
Check current state of the variables that control the imaging.
Steps 3-6
Select the robust weight mode (step 4) and threshold (step 5) from the result of the UV_STAT command (step 3) and recheck the current state of the variables that control the imaging (step 6).
Steps 7-9
Image and plot the dirty beam and image.
Steps 10-13
Tries a larger size of the map as the default imaged field-of-view looked too small from previous plots.
Steps 14-15
Make a Post-Script file from the dirty image.
Steps 16-17
Write dirty image and beam in demo.lmv and demo.beam files for deconvolution in a future MAPPING session. These steps are optional as you may directly proceed to the deconvolution stage without writing the files.

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