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        This task allows you to fit models directly through the uv visibili-
    ties. The models are either simple functions or linear  combinations  of
    simple  functions.   The results of the fitting process are the position
    offsets in R.A. and Dec (in arc second) of the  model  source  from  the
    phase reference center, and its flux (Jansky).  Depending on the fitting
    functions additional fit results are possible, in such cases, sizes  and
    FWHMs  are  in  arc seconds and position angles are in degrees, counting
    from the North towards the East. Currently supported  distributions  and
    additional fit parameters are:

    POINT       Point source                      : None
    E_GAUSS   Elliptic Gaussian source   : FWHM Axes (Major and Minor), Pos Ang
    C_GAUSS   Circular Gaussian source   : FWHM Axis
    C_DISK    Circular Disk              : Diameter
    E_DISK    Elliptical (inclined) Disk : Axis (Major and Minor), Pos Ang
    RING      Annulus                    : Diameter (Inner and Outer)
    EXPO      Exponential brightness     : FWHM Axis
    E_EXPO    Elliptic exponential       : FWHM Axes (Major and Minor), Pos Ang
    POWER-2   B = 1/r^2                  : FWHM Axis
    POWER-3   B = 1/r^3                  : FWHM Axis
    U_RING    Unresolved Annulus         : Radius
    E_RING    Inclined Annulus           : Inner, Outer, Pos Ang, Ratio
    SPERGEL   Spergel brightness profile : FWHM Axis, nu
    E_SPERGEL Elliptic Spergel profile   : FWHM Axes (Maj. and Min.), Pos Ang, n

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