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        This task allows fitting of simple models directly from the visibil-
    ities. The models are linear combinations of 2 radial distributions, as-
    sumed  to  be  centered  on the current phase tracking center. Use tasks
    UV_CENTER and UV_SHIFT if necessary before fitting.

    A more flexible and more general fitting procedure is available  in  the
    UVT  task.  This  version  is  more suitable for plotting a fit over re-
    binned visibilities.

    The type of the first radial distribution. Available types are
        NONE      No function to fit (for 2nd function usually)
        POINT     Point source
        GAUSS     Gaussian sources
        DISK      Disk
        RING      Annulus
        EXPONENT  Exponential brightness
        POWER-1   B = 1/r
        POWER-2   B = 1/r^2
        POWER-3   B = 1/r^3
        PARABOLA  Parabolic brightness distribution

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