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MIRA Manual - v. 2.3

Helmut Wiesemeyer

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Revision: miraManual.html,v 2.3
Date: 2010-05-20
Author: Helmut Wiesemeyer (email:
Contributors: A. Sievers, H. Ungerechts, C. Thum, K. Schuster, G. Paubert, W. Brunswig,
J. Pety, P. Hily-Blant, the MBFITS working group
Audience: everybody involved with raw data reduction at the 30m telescope
Publisher: IRAM, Grenoble
Subject and Keywords: raw data, calibration, 30m telescope

Description - about this document:
This manual describes MIRA, a Multichannel Imaging and Calibration Software for Receiver Arrays. MIRA succeeds OTFCAL for the calibration of the new IMBFITS raw data at the 30m telescope.

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