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               [/SCAN] [/SOURCE] [/TELESCOPE] [/NEW] [/SWITCHMODE] [/SILENT]
               [/WHAT] [/PROJECT] [/STAT]

    FIND performs a search in the input directory to build a new index,
    according to selection criteria defined by one or more of the following
    options. The index list (as desribed in the help for command MIRA\LIST).
    Each option accepts more than one argument.

    NEW: FIND is not anymore a prerequisite for the MIRA\SCAN command. In case o
    ambiguous scan numbers, MIRA\SCAN will implicitely take the last scan found
    (i.e. the most recent one).

    NOTE: if you use MIRA\FIND together with a large data archive, you can
    accelerate the search by either not using FIND at all or by specifying at le

    /BACKEND name                 Searches for data from backend name.
    /FRONTEND receiver            Searches for data from a given receiver.
    /LINE     transition          Search for data of spectral line transition.
    /OBSERVED startDate [endDate] Searches for data observed between startDate
                                  and endDate. If endDate is not specied, looks
                                  only for data observed the day of startDate.
                                  Date format is YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 2005-09-29).
    /PROCEDURE procedure          Searches for data of a given observing
                                  procedure (e.g. pointing, focus, onOff,
    /SCAN i1 [i2]                 Searches for data from scans i1 to i2 (or only
                                  scan i1 if i2 not specified).
    /SOURCE object                Searches for data from source object.
    /TELESCOPE antenna            Searches for data from telescope antenna.
    /NEW                          Searches for new data written to the input
                                  directory and appends them to the existing
                                  index list. If no new data are found,
                                  the current index list remains unchanged. For
                                  online data processing at the telescope.
    /SWITCHMOD switch             Searches for observations done with switchmode
                                  switch (e.g. wobbler, beamSwitching).
    /SILENT                       Loads the observations corresponding to the se
                                  criteria into the index list, without issuing
                                  list output.
    /WHAT                         List the selection currently used.
    /PROJECT xxx-yy               Selects only data from project xxx-yy.
    /STAT                         Writes the total integration time of all
                                  observations in the current index list into
                                  output file .stat (mainly for observing pool

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