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                   TAMB[PID] value1 value2 [/FEBE ifb|all] [/RESET]

    OVERRIDE allows to change parameters relevant for calibration. By default,
    the parameters for frontend-backend combination 1 are changed (see below
    for option /FEBE). Instead of value1 and value2, asterisks may be used to
    leave the parameter unchanged (see below). The parameters changed are
    displayed on the screen. If the scan loaded is a calibration (i.e. sky,
    hot load, cold load), the calibration parameters are automatically
    re-calculated, using the new values for the load temperatures and/or
    efficiencies. The calibration parameters in the raw data are replaced by tho
    set with OVERRIDE until reset by OVERRIDE /RESET

    Keyword TEM[PLOAD]:     changes the temperatures of the cold load (value1)
                            and of the hot load (value2).

    Keyword EFF[ICIENCY]:   changes the forward efficiency (value1) and the
                            beam efficiency (value2).

    Keyword GAIN[IMAGE]:    changes the the suppression of the image band

    OVERRIDE /FEBE ifb|all  This is to specify the frontend-backend combination
                            (ifb) for which the calibration parameters are to
                            be changed. Keyword "all" changes the parameters
                            for all frontend-backend combinations in the
                            current scan.

    OVERRIDE /RESET         Resets all calibration parameters to default (raw da
                            values). A new calibration has to be read in order t
                            activate the change.

    OVERRIDE TEMPLOAD * 300 /FEBE all  Changes the hot load temperature for all
                                       frontends to 300 K. All cold load
                                       temperatures are left unchanged.

    OVERRIDE EFFICIENCY 0.95           Changes the forward efficiency of
                                       frontend 1 to 0.95. All beam
                                       efficiencies are unchanged.

    OVERRIDE GAINIMAGE 0.1 /FEBE 1     Changes the sideband suppression for the
                                       receiver in frontend-backend combination
                                       number 1 to 0.1.

    OVERRIDE TAMBPID -7.5 712     Changes ambient outside temperature and
                                       pressure to -7.5 deg C and 712 hPa.

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