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        MIRA\SCAN scan [/TRACKING trackingError] [/COMPRESS integTim]
                    [/TAU tau1 [tau2 ...]] [/PWV h2omm]
                    [/SUBSCAN first last] [/BACKEND backend1 backend2 ...]
                    [/DROP ignoreBackend1 ignoreBackend2 ...]

    Loads a scan from the current index list. ALL frontend-backend combinations
    used are loaded. A list of identification numbers for the frontend-backend
    combinations is issued. For calibrations, MIRA\SCAN also computes the
    calibrations parameters, and writes them to the screen. The calibration
    parameters for VESPA basebands are individually computed; however, the
    screen output is for mean values across all basebands corresponding to one

    NOTE: (1) MIRA\FIND is not anymore a prerequisite for command MIRA\SCAN (see
          for FIND).
          (2) After commands OVERRIDE (for calibrationts) or changing the value
          logical flag timingCheck the scan needs to be read again in order to v
          new settings.

    SCAN /TRACKING trackingError Backend dumps with azimuth- or elevation tracki
                                 errors larger than trackingError (in degree)
                                 are flagged (i.e. attributed the blanking value
                                 for raw data).

    SCAN /COMPRESS dumpTime      Allows to compress large data sets (e.g. with
                                 too short a dump time). If the new dump time
                                 is not an integer multiple of the uncompressed
                                 dump time, command SCAN rounds the compression
                                 factor to the next integer.

    SCAN /TAU tau1 tau2 ...      For calibration scans. Keeps the opacity fixed
                                 at values tau1 tau2 ... for frontend-backend
                                 numbers 1,2,..., and calculates the
                                 corresponding calibration.

    SCAN /PWV h2omm              For calibration scans. Keeps the atmospheric
                                 water vapour fixed at value h2omm and calculate
                                 the corresponding calibration for all connected
                                 frontend-backend units.

    SCAN /SUBSCAN first last     Only reads in subscans "first" to "last".

    SCAN /BACKEND backend1 backend2 ...      Only reads in backend1, backend2, e

    SCAN /DROP ignoreBackend1 ignoreBackend2 ... Ignores listed backend for read

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