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        MIRA\SOLVE [ifb [jfb]] [/PIXEL ipix] [/BINNING nbin]

    SOLVE retrieves the pointing respectively focus corrections or a solution
    to a skydip from the observing procedure loaded with MIRA\SCAN. By default,
    the first frontend connected to the continuum backend is used, otherwise
    number ifb. The pointing and focus results are written to the output device,
    and to output files miraResultsPointing.xml respectively miraResultsFocus.xm
    for further use by the telescope's control system. If two receiver numbers i
    and jfb are entered, the receiver alignment in the Nasmyth focus is fitted a
    plotted (together with the other results in file alignment.dat created by MI

    SOLVE /PIXEL ipix      For observations with HERA. Allows to specify
                           another pixel than the reference pixel for pointing,
                           focus or skydip. For skydips, enter SOLVE /PIXEL 0
                           to plot all pixels.

    SOLVE /BINNING nbin    For pointing measurements, allows to smooth the
                           azimuth and elevations drifts (for weak pointing
                           sources). nbin is the number of dumps averaged
                           (simple box window smoothing).

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