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        MIRA\WRITE [/FEBE ALL|ifb] [/PIXEL ALL|ipix] [/SUBSCANS isub]

    Writes calibrated data to a CLASS file (respectively raw data to a
    MBFITS file, not yet implemented, see help for MIRA\FILE). The number of
    the spectrum (or continuum drift) is successively increased.

    WRITE  /FEBE ALL|ifb
    Specifies the frontend-backend combination to be written (here: ifb). Defaul
    is 1. Argument ALL: writes CLASS spectra for all frontend-backend combinatio
    in current index.

    For HERA data: spectra from pixel ipix are written (default pixel 1). To
    write out all pixels: WRITE /PIXEL ALL

    By default, all subscans are written to the CLASS output file (for OTF maps
    one CLASS spectrum per records, for pointing one CLASS drift per subscan).
    With the /SUBSCAN option, only a given subscan of an OTF map or a pointing
    is written to the output file (defaults to subscan 1 if isub is not specifie

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