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ARRAY section

There is one ARRAY (= receiver array description) section per frontend-backend combination and per baseband. The following list is for frontend-backend combination 1 and baseband 1 (the corresponding structure names for frontend-backend combination 2 were FEBE2%HEADER1 and FEBE2%DATA1, respectively FEBE2%HEADER2 and FEBE2%DATA2 for baseband 2, and so on).

ARRAY1%HEADER1%VSYS4R_2 R km/s observer velocity in rest frame
ARRAY1%HEADER1%VSOU4R_2 R km/s source velocity in rest frame
ARRAY1%HEADER1%SOBS4R_2 C*8 'TOPOCENT' observing frame
ARRAY1%HEADER1%SPEC4R_2 C*8 e.g. 'LSRK' standard of rest frame for velocities
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CD4R_21 D km/s velocity channel separation
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CUNI4R_2 C*8 'km/s' Unit
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CRVL4R_2 D km/s velocity at reference channel
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CRPX4R_2 R reference channel
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CTYP4R_2 C*8 e.g. 'VARD-FRQ' velocity axis for col.3
ARRAY1%HEADER1%WCSNM4R C*8 e.g. 'LsrkVRad' axis name
ARRAY1%HEADER1%SOBS4F_2 C*8 'TOPOCENT' observing frame
ARRAY1%HEADER1%SPEC4F_2 C*8 e.g. 'LSRK' standard of rest for frequencies
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CD4F_21 D Hz channel separation
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CRVL4F_2 D Hz frequency at reference channel in
rest frame
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CRPX4F_2 R Hz reference channel.
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CTYP4F_2 C*8 'FREQ-FRQ' frequency axis for col. 3
ARRAY1%HEADER1%WCSNM4F C*8 e.g. 'LsrkFreq' axis name
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CD3A_11 I pixel index separation = 1
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CRVL4_1 I pixel index value at this position = 1
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CRPX4_1 I ref. position = 1
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CTYP4_1 C*8 'PIX-INDX' Pixel/feed index in USEPIX array
ARRAY1%HEADER1%SBSEP D Hz sideband separation
ARRAY1%HEADER1%SIDEBAND C*3 main sideband (USB or LSB)
ARRAY1%HEADER1%RESTFREQ D Hz rest frequency of line (optional)
ARRAY1%HEADER1%TRANSITI C*20 main line transition (optional)
ARRAY1%HEADER1%MOLECULE C*20 main line molecule (optional)
ARRAY1%HEADER1%BANDWID D Hz bandwidth for this band
ARRAY1%HEADER1%FREQRES D Hz frequency resolution
ARRAY1%HEADER1%CHANNELS I number of channels for this baseband
ARRAY1%HEADER1%DATE_OBS C*23 observation start in TIMESYS system
ARRAY1%HEADER1%OBSNUM I observation number
ARRAY1%HEADER1%BASEBAND I baseband number
ARRAY1%HEADER1%FEBE C*17 frontend-backend combination ID

ARRAY1%DATA1%ISWITCH $n_{\rm rec} $ C*4 integration type
ON        OFF
FHI      FLO
ARRAY1%DATA1%MJD $n_{\rm rec}.n_{\rm ph} $ D day MJD at integration midpoint
in TIMESYS system
ARRAY1%DATA1%DATA $n_{\rm pix} \times n_{\rm cpb} \times n_{\rm rec} \times n_{\rm ph} $ R backend data

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