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Merging old and new data

In order to merge old and new data the best is likely to create the uv-tables from the old and the new hpb files, with the same CLIC version dated later than April 2004, as described in Sect. [*]: 1) Using the widget to create a table or just to add visibilities in a previous table by setting on or off the option New table (see Fig. [*]). 2) Editing a table script and using the command table with the options new and/or old as shown in Fig. [*], depending if the table is to be created or if just visibilities from a second data set are added.

Otherwise, uv-tables can be merged with the procedure ``run uv_merge'' either in CLIC or in MAPPING, provided they have the same spectral setup. Contact your local contact if your situation does not correspond to any of the mentioned cases.

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