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        [POINT\]SET Item Value1 [Value2]

         Set some selection criterium.  Possible items are
             ELEVATION Elmin Elmax :
             specify valid elevation range (default 5 90, in degrees)

             RMS rmsmax :
             specify maximum standard deviation (from  gauss  fit)  for  the
             measured pointing errors.
    Optical  pointing  data  has  measured  pointing  errors  with  standard
    deviation  set to 0, so that SET RMS although meaningfull only for RADIO
    or INTER data, can also be used transparently.

         As for comands  IGNORE,  INCLUDE  and  REJECT,  selection  criteria
    specified  by  the  SET command will be considered for the next PLOT and
    FIT commands.  However, contrary to commands IGNORE, INCLUDE and REJECT,
    the criteria will not be reset by any READ or FILE command.

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