Memos (23-jul-2018)


The exhaustive list (summary and PDFs) of the IRAM technical memos is available on the IRAM webpage.


2017-1 Observational examples of spectral line calibration at the 30m telescope with MRTCAL and MIRA
2016-1 MAPPING for NOEMA: Concepts and Usage
2015-4 Introducing Associated Arrays in CLASS
2015-3 Importing Herschel-FITS into CLASS
2015-2 NOEMA time/sensitivity estimator (version 2.2 for POLYFIX, 12-jul-2018)
2015-2 NOEMA time/sensitivity estimator (version 1.1 for WIDEX, 17-aug-2015)
2015-1 Extended support of sky spherical coordinates in CLASS
2014-1 CLASS Data Fillers
2013-3 CLASSIC Application Programming Interface
2013-2 CLASSIC Data Container
2011-3 CLASS User Section
2011-2 WIFISYN: The GILDAS implementation of a new wide-field synthesis algorithm
2011-1 Preparing GILDAS for large datasets. I - GREG 2011
2010-2 IRAM-30m MAMBO time / sensitivity estimator
2010-1 IRAM-30m HERA time/sensitivity estimator
2009-6 Read-write optimization in CLASS
2009-5 Comparison of ATM versions: Impact on the calibration of IRAM instruments
2009-4 Averaging spectra with CLASS
2009-3 A simulator of interferometric On-The-Fly observations
2009-2 Imaging of interferometric On-The-Fly observations (I): context and discussion of possible methods
2009-1 IRAM-30m EMIR time/sensitivity estimator
2008-2 Single-dish observation and processing to produce the short-spacing information for a millimeter interferometer
2005-1 CLASS evolution: I. Improved OFT support
2003-4 Case for interoperability as an ALMA off-line model
2003-3 Complementarity of the AIPS++, GILDAS and MIRIAD packages as seen from evaluations for ALMA off-line processing
2003-2 Evaluation of the GILDAS Package for ALMA Off-line Data Processing
2003-1 Evaluation of the MIRIAD Package for ALMA Off-line Data Processing